What is Drop Shipping?

Drop shipping is a supply chain management technique in which the retailer does not keep goods in stock, but instead transfers customer orders and shipment details to the distributor of the goods to fulfil the order on their behalf.

How the Aficionado Distribution drop shipping program works?

We currently provide drop shipping services for stock that we hold for four of our partner companies. We charge our customers a per unit price for items that are ordered through our drop shipping program and offer a range of delivery options at varying prices. This gives our customers the chance to offer their customers different delivery methods that may be more cost effective than the delivery cost of self fulfilment. Once an order is placed with us and payment has been made we will ship the order directly to the recipient via the selected delivery method. We guarantee that all orders placed through our drop shipping program will be dispatched within two working days from the payment clearing. If our customer desires we can even send their own invoice with the item! We will provide daily stock updates and will email all our customers to let them know when an item is out of stock in order to prevent overselling alongside our order management system.

What Happens if I sell something that is out of Stock?

There are a few options, if we can get back into stock then we will do at the earliest convenience and we will keep you informed about this. In the event that we cannot get the item back into stock we can offer an alternative product to sell, for example a different colour option or similar product to propose to your customer.

What Payment options do you have?

We use one of two payment option, a BACS transfer which is our prefered method of payment or through Paypal, however there is an additional fee of 20p + 0.03% of the transaction. At present we cannot facilitate Credit or Debit card payments.

How much money can I make through Drop Shipping?

It depends on how much you sell at what profit margin. Some customers can make several thousands of pounds a year through drop shipping.

If something goes missing the post what is the procedure?

Very rarely do we have issues with items go missing in the post, but we would be na├»ve to say it doesn’t happen. In the case of an item going missing we need to allow for 14 days to pass to ensure that it has a chance to arrive with the end user. Following the 14 day period if the replacement item is in stock we will sent it out however if not we will offer either an alternative or a refund. In some cases during the 14 day period we will reserve an item if its is in low stock to ensure the best service is received.

What happens if the end user wants to return/exchange an item?

If your customer wish to return an order they must do so to you so long as there is no fault with the product. If there is a fault with the item we will pay the post costs to have it returned directly to us and we will issue either a refund or replacement subject to availability. In the case of the customer wants to exchange for a different size/colour then you will need to purchase that from us and you will receive the returned item.

Do you have images for all the stock?

Yes we will provide you with an image for all the stock that we sell along with descriptions of the product. These can be obtained from our website, stocklist file or via email.

Do you provide support?

Yes we will endeavour to answer all your customers questions that you cannot answer directly.

Do you offer a bulk discount?

Yes we do. The discount will depend on the item and the quantity. We have no set bulk discount and instead deal with these requests on an ad-hoc basis.

Do you offer a volume discount?

No, we see that as unfair to new and other established customers. The only discount is on Bulk purchases.

If I want to join what is the procedure?

Please use the contact us section and someone will deal with your requested to join the program. Usually the setting up process takes 1-2 days but we try and get everyone set up as soon as possible.

Do you provide customer invoices?

We do provide customer invoices in all the items we send out. These invoices can be personalised to incorporate your company logo, website, facebook & twitter pages, QR codes and contact details.